The Transformational Art of Marcela Bolívar: New Dark Fashion and Art Article on Dear Darkling


While a lot of 2017 has been in the dumps, I’ve been honored to be asked to write on lifestyle and art with a new e-zine, Dear Darkling. A sister to Dirge Magazine, Dear Darkling focuses on dark fashion, lifestyle, and art and I’ve surprised myself at how invested I’ve become in the two magazines. I love pitching ideas, I love mining for ideas, and I find a lot of joy in writing about them and learning about the topics.

Between my two jobs and now this freelance work, I’ve been swamped with deadlines and haven’t been able to read for pleasure as much as I usually have. That being said, I think the time has been invested wisely, because if I can write about weird and beautiful art all day long, I’m a happy camper.

This month, my article revolves around Marcela Bolívar, and if you haven’t looked into her before, do a Google search. You’ll thank me. I had the chance to interview her, and love everything she had to say. We talked mythology and inspiration, and it left me feeling like I needed to search for my own interpretation of symbols in my life, to keep creating art.

Read the article here.


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