New Article, Guys! The Tritone: Sorry Grandma, Turns Out It’s All the Devil’s Music


My second Dirge article posted on the 19th, and I’m incredibly proud of it. The article focuses on the Locrian Mode and the Devil’s scale and how these ‘demonic’ tones have formed a foundation for Western music, particularly jazz and metal.

Writing this article got me to renew my library card and I checked out up to ten books about the history of music, musical theory, jazz, and Gregorian chants. It was awesome spending a good, wintery afternoon perusing the library for this article. Plus, the top search hits in my browser are now ‘Charlie Parker’ and ‘the devil.’

If you’re interested in music, you can read the it here!

Happy holidays to everyone! It’s my first year with an actual tree with lights at my house, and I love sitting in the dark watching the Christmas lights with a hot cup of tea. That’s not creepy, is it?



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